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Tour of the Verizon Thinkfinity Content

Partner Websites
Below you will find a series of challenges to help you discover what is available at each of the Content Partner websites. Begin by going to the Verizon Thinkfinity website and choosing Content Partners from the About Us link. Then click on the title of one of the Content Partners. Complete the challenges listed within the table below for that Content Partner. Take notes so you can recall this information in the future.
Partner Site
Notice that today’s date is featured in “THIS DAY IN THE ARTS” on the right side of the home page. Click on “SEE ALL DAYS IN THE ARTS.” Use the “SEARCH ARTS DAYS” tool to select tomorrow’s date. Describe the results.

To learn more about the latest economics news and information, click on the Current Events link at EconEdLink. Select one of the featured events and review one of the related lesson plans. What is the difference between the teacher and student “versions” of the lesson?

Visit the EDSITEment Calendar. Notice that you can view events for the current, prior or future months.Select one entry and explain how you might use the associated resources in a classroom setting?

Illuminations offers over 100 online activities. Click on the Activities link, check one of the grade level boxes and then click on “Search.” Select one and explore its features. Does the activity list an associated lesson plan?

There are many student interactives available on ReadWriteThink. Choose one of the interactive materials that you may not have seen before and describe how you might use it in the classroom.

From the Science NetLinks homepage, click on the link labeled “Weekly Science Update.” Explain what this section has to offer and provide a description of at least one example.

Scroll through the timeline located on the homepage of Smithsonian’s History Explorer. Click on the red bar of the Era in which you were born and click to view all resources for that Era. Filter the results by lesson/activity. When you click on the title of a lesson you are presented with a summary page. How do you get to the actual lesson/activity?

Click on the current “Wonder of the Day” and notice the Have you ever wondered…? and the Did you know? sections listed below the video. How might you use these areas?
Has a wonder of the day. Tons of categories to search. Great to use with big imaginations or who would like to research a certain subject.
Click on the Mapping link at the top of the National Geographic Education website. Describe the steps you would take to use the MapMaker Interactive tool to create a map of Europe that students could label.Good site -- will provide resources for teers!!